Work Begins on Remodel and Refurbishment Project

BCP are pleased to announce work has begun this month on the remodelling and refurbishment work of an existing 18-bedroom Victorian home. The work, which is being done in two phases, will turn an 18-bedroom home into a 35-bedroom home and all residents will be able to remain in the home while the work is being done.

The building is home to bat roosts as well as the surrounding trees so the timing of the work has been of critical importance to the planning of the remodelling and refurbishment work. We have worked with ecologists and obtained the necessary licences to work around the bat roosts both inside and outside of the property.

We have made sure all of the work will be carried out safely without damaging the natural beauty of the location or harming any of the bats.

Phase One

The first phase of the remodelling and refurbishment work is the complete strip out of an existing Victorian Manor House. This includes the removal of floors, the addition of a new lift and various other sympathetic extensions. The remodelled home will fully fit with the style and elegance that is to be expected in this desirable location.

The remodel and refurbishment work will include the addition of 18 new fully accessible bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms as standard. It will also include new modern kitchens, laundry and hardwood finishes. Once complete the new rooms will be glorious to behold and the first phase is predicted to be completed by the end of the year.

Phase Two

The second phase is scheduled to be finished by summer 2017 and consists of more refurbishment and remodelling work on the rooms of the existing annexe block. The work will reform the link between the two and we will also be adding several extensions and extra finishes to match the style and elegance of the Victorian block.

Once complete more people will be able to enjoy this great location and enjoy the sophisticated and elegant style within this traditional, classically designed Victorian Manor Home. We will keep you updated throughout the year with our progress and are sure this great property will make a fantastic addition to our property portfolio once it is completed.


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